Be part of our 221 Community: Connections are what we need at every age of our lives.  As a member you have an opportunity to build relationships with others through activities and shared interests.

  1. Create Events & Activities: We make our own fun and encourage your good ideas. You can work alone or with others to create classes, interest groups, activities, and events.

  2. Attend Member Only Activities: As a member you have the opportunity to attend and participate in activities that other members organize.  You may also bring a guest.

  3. Use of our Facility: Members have access to the building for public and private use within guidelines. We have 7200 square feet of indoor space with more than half of it heated and air conditioned.  The building includes several finished spaces including a large main room, 2 bathrooms, one handicapped, an art space, a patio and a green space. We also have 3 garage spaces, a soon to be finished conference room and several spaces that are presently vacant. The building is equipped with Wi-Fi, a range, refrigerator, sinks, coffee equipment, a stage and sound equipment.

  4. Help Govern: You have the opportunity to participate in governance and help shape The 221.

  5. Do Good and Have Fun: We are all volunteers and we live by the old saying “many hands make light work”. There are numerous opportunities to lend a hand and share your know-how to make our community a better place.

*Founding membership is a special category of membership for people who are willing and able to heartily support The 221 at the $500 single membership level.  This category is available only in the first 3 formative years.  2020 will be the last year. Once you’ve paid at this level your name will appear on the Founding Members Plaque which we will hang after 2020. Of course you are welcome to pay at this level for more than one year.  Those of you who joined in 2018 and paid your membership fee of $500, are already “Founding Members”.


We are dreaming of a world where people thrive.



We work to have a Common House where we enhance our well-being and the well-being of the greater community.



We do this by maintaining a building that is functional, beautiful and welcoming. We fill The 221 with events and activities. We support The 221 with memberships and with our own hands. We use Sociocracy as our governance model; we are transparent, inclusive, and make decisions by consent. We do this with ease.

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